Testing for COVID-19


Nose and Throat Swab Testing

For those who think they have an Active Infection or Wishing to Travel Abroad

Cost £140 per test


£155 with a Fitness to Travel Certificate

If you have symptoms of COVID and worry about the need to self-isolate and shield others, then we recommend this test which looks for genetic material from the COVID-19 virus.

Blood Sample

Blood Antibody Testing

For those who think that they may have had the virus in the past

Cost £80 per test

If you have previously had symptoms of COVID and got better, then we recommend this test to look for the presence of antibodies to the virus. Having antibodies to COVID-19 indicates previous exposure and may protect against future infection.

We are excited to be able to offer our customers two types of testing for the COVID-19 virus. These tests can help individuals, workers and employers to decide how to run their lives in these unsettling times. Deciding who needs to self-isolate and who can continue to social distance can be key to staying safe.

For those with active symptoms of COVID or wishing to travel abroad it is necessary to take swab samples from the nose and throat to identify whether the virus's genetic material is present. If you require a fitness to travel certificate, we can provide this for a small extra fee.

For those who think that they may have had the virus in the past, but couldn't get swabbed, or perhaps the swab result was negative and you just want to be sure, then the antibody test is for you. We recommend that at least 2 weeks should have passed since you have recovered from the effects of the suspected infection, before doing the antibody test. This will give the body enough time to make the antibodies so that they can be detected in the blood.

We will send you one or more testing kits so that you can have the sample taken at home. You then post the kit to the testing lab in the envelope provided. Results are usually available in 1-3 days after posting.

Costs are as follows:


Nose and Throat Swab - £140 per Test

or £155 with a Travel Certificate


Antibody Test - £80 per Test

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