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Health and Lifestyle Management, Alcohol and Older Age

Healthy Couple

Well Man and Well Woman Assessments

Customised and Comprehensive

We offer full medical assessments for men and women of any age. Maybe you would like an ’MOT’ or perhaps you have more specific health concerns.

A full medical examination can be performed during your consultation, Gynaecological, breast and prostate examinations will be offered, and you will be given the option for a mammogram, cervical screening or prostate blood tests is desired.


We can also take blood to check the function of your liver, kidneys, thyroid and bones, and  offer diabetic and cholesterol testing. Further tests such as chest X-ray, scans, ECG and lung function tests will be offered if appropriate.


The cost of the assessment is £135 for your 30 min appointment plus the cost of blood tests and other investigations.

Alcohol Management


The Support You Need

The Sinclair Method (TSM) uses a drug called an ‘opiate blocker’ to reduce the pleasure and reward from drinking alcohol and, therefore, to stop craving it.


The beauty of this method is that you do not have to stop drinking, and most people go on to develop healthy drinking habits whereby they can have one or two drinks on a social occasion but no longer drink more than they are happy with.

We offer a this as part of the private GP service at the North Staffordshire Nuffield Hospital or via telephone or video consultation. We offer appointments to people with Alcohol Use Disorder to discuss and prescribe medication to support TSM. Patients receive a 30 minute assessment appointment where we discuss which medication would suit them best, either Nalmefene or Naltrexone. A private prescription is issued for the first 6 months of treatment. We keep in touch by email and follow up appointments and prescription can be done by telephone consultation.

The cost of the initial assessment is £135 and follow up by phone is £60. Both fees cover the cost of a private prescription, but you will need to pay your pharmacist for the medication.

If you are considering this method it is necessary to check what medications you already take to avoid interactions and contraindications. It is useful to have a baseline liver function test prior to prescribing medication. Most people get this done by their GP, some prefer to have it done at the time of consultation (additional charge applies).

For more information about The Sinclair Method please visit the The Sinclair Method UK website at

Older Age Medicine and Dementia Screening

Older M-F couple

The Respect and Care They Deserve

Although memory loss is a common phenomenon of older age, sometimes it can indicate the start of dementia. We offer a holistic assessment of symptoms and cognitive function and can arrange CT scans of the brain, ECG and blood tests as part of a dementia screening appointment. We can then arrange referral to an appropriate specialist as required

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